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Are you tired of the rat race?

Do you want more freedom? More flexibility? More money?

Are you ready to create a business that both nurtures and sustains you?


Maybe this is you -- you're frustrated with the status quo. You're tired of feeling underpaid and undervalued. You have great ideas but get no buy in. You feel like you have to compromise who you are in order to fit in and "play the game."

You're tired of it and you want out, but you're not sure of how to make that happen. You're not sure you can succeed on your own, and you're not sure what the correct path forward is for you.

Well, I've been where you are at and I can promise you this:

There is a way out.

You can succeed.

And it can be easier than you think.

Business YOU is for you if you are looking for clarity with the following:

The correct business model for how you would love to work.

The ideal niche for you based on your background, experience, and personality.

The most fulfilling services to offer that will attract your ideal clients.

The pay structure that is most aligned with who you are.


Just imagine looking forward to going to work each day, having the freedom, flexibility and income to work when you choose, from where you choose, doing work you love with people you enjoy working with.

Imagine being able to work on your terms while feeling the work you are doing is meaningful and valued by your clients.

Imagine a fun, stress-free career where you have the freedom to be who you are and get paid highly for it.

All of this is and more is possible when you are mentored by someone who has been where you are at and is now thriving in her own RIA and in her life.

Who is that someone? Me!

Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP®

Creator of the Business YOU Mentoring Program for RIAs

Author, Speaker, Investment Advisor, Coach/Mentor, Podcast Host and Founder of Corporate Hostage, No More!


I entered the financial services industry in 1981 and have been a Certified Financial Planner® since 1988. Since then I have worked for a small two-partner RIA, a small regional CPA firm, and then ran the financial planning and investment management division for the 12th largest CPA firm in the U.S.

I learned a lot in those firms, and was by any measure very successful, but had a very difficult time working in a corporate environment. I am very entrepreneurial at heart so in 2005 I left corporate America for good, created my own RIA, and have never regretted escaping for a minute.

Corporate America took a lot out of me. In each firm I worked for I found myself feeling under valued, over worked, under paid, and under appreciated. But I didn't realize until after I escaped how absolutely stressed out, exhausted and depleted I was. It took me quite a while to get rejuvenated and replenished.

So if you're feeling like I was, I get it. I've been there. But never again! I escaped and so can you.

And after getting my own RIA established and thriving, I began mentoring other planners through the FPA's mentoring program (which I still do to this day). I have enjoyed coaching and mentoring those planners so much that I created a coaching/mentoring business where I can help even more planners.

If you are interested in building an outrageously successful RIA like I have that both nurtures and sustains you, working with ideal clients, doing work you love, and enjoying the freedom and financial security being your own boss can bring, then I can help.

Life is short. Live your Dream. Begin today!

Here's How You Can Get Started:

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Here's What Others Have to Say After Working With Janet:

"Janet is a master at guiding you to exactly where you need to go; she can do this in such a gentle and supportive way that you hardly realize the massive shift until it happens: boom! I'm very grateful for her powerful support and mentorship--practical step by step strategies included! Thank you, Janet, for pointing out the deeper answers that were available to me."

Eleanor Toronto, Ontario

Since leaving my corporate job of almost 11 years almost 3 months ago, I have been trying so hard to see exactly where I fit in and what my path is.

After 90 minutes on the phone with you, my vision and direction of my business is crystal clear and I am more excited about where my future is headed than I ever have been in my life.

From boundary issues to working out exactly who my ideal client is, we covered a LOT of ground (with tons of goosebumps along the way!)

I seriously can't thank you enough.

Rita Ester
Rita Ester

"You helped change my life! You've truly brought light into my darkness, Janet."

Laurie Nashville, TN

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